Our Process

Creating a powerful piece of design and delivering on a kick-ass project always takes a solid plan that happens to look something like this.



Addressing a problem using design must start with empathizing with the users and audience. Money spent on a project for the sake of stroking your own ego is definitely money wasted. It's better to get to the root of the problem first, before creating something that you just really like. Taking the insights you learned via your initial research, and dangling it in front of you like a carrot on a stick, will always lead you in the right direction.



Identifying the problem isn't always easy. Sometimes it's covered up by surface-level frustrations, bugs, emotions. People don't always know what's wrong, they just know they have a problem. After collecting insights comes the really big-brain stuff; piecing everything together and uncovering the optimal solution that nobody knew was possible.



This is where the creative sparks start to fly. You have a problem, now what? How to solve it is the designers job. Design expertise dictates the road the project goes down. Big responsibility. I walk down this road with confidence knowing that we've chosen the right one. Ultimately, this is when we really start cooking with gas.



Taking these wonderful ideas and seeing how they'll actually look is where I and other creative types could spend way too much time. But I don't! Because I'm efficient and I respect peoples time. I like playing with a couple solutions, and sometimes even starting from scratch and creating one more. Getting the design in front of some eyeballs, that's where we go from here.



We've made this thing/all this stuff, but did it work? Sweet victory 🤏 Put that one in the books. Did it kind of not work? It happens, back to step 3. Getting it right is always the goal, and getting it right according to the users and audience is how that happens. Once we get there, W's all around.



Isaac Steiner


Rock Plumbing

Sean did an exceptional job building our website. From our initial consultation to the launch date, he was extremely detailed the whole way. I felt heard and understood as we worked together to tailor the website to our specific company needs. Sean is very knowledgable and highly skilled. We have been extremely happy with the final product! Thanks Sean!

Jerome Zenoby

Director of Creative


Sean provides a valuable sense for thinking through user experiences and is very deliberate with interface execution. His attention to details coupled with a collaborative personality, makes Sean enjoyable to work and partner with.

Matthew Calvin

UX Designer


Sean is a self-driven, highly adaptive designer. His drive to solve complex design problems adds a tremendous value to any design team. Working with Sean is an absolute pleasure.

Patient Beya

Founder and CEO


Sean began our relationship first by building a new website for us and then proceeded to totally revamp our entire brand. His versatile skillset has solved many problems and he is quick to come up with solutions. He is very good with communication and has made our business together smooth and enjoyable.

Tom Bellman

Director of UX

Fio Corporation

Sean was instrumental in helping our company develop a new look and feel for our corporate website. He worked with stakeholders to understand the business and designed a strong visual language that communicated our brand effectively. Sean’s web development work would be an asset to any business looking to strengthen its online presence.

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