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Dalton, OH

Web Design for a Growing Plumbing Company

Isaac owns a small plumbing outfit out of Dalton Ohio, and Rock Plumbing needed a website to grow their online presence. Webflow was perfect for them because of how easy updates are and how much customization we were able to include in the design and functionalities.

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Working with Isaac, owner of Rock Plumbing, it was clear that his site needed to reflect how different his operation was than local competitors. Most competitor websites had poor design and user experience, but lots of focus on local SEO strategies. In the home services industry, customer satisfaction is key, and often that starts at your website.


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Previous Design

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The Solution

The key to a websites success in this local market was local SEO and social trust, but our edge came from excellent user experience and great design.

We created a multi-step leads form to collect the right data from prospecting homeowners, a great mobile user experience and engaging content and headlines. We wrapped all this up in a clean design language to help guide site visitors straight to the information and service they're looking for.

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Key Features

  • Multi-step contact form walks potential leads through detailed (not too detailed) questions to get the information needed
  • Uploading project images to the website can be done in one place, and updates across the website appropriately
  • High emphasis on social-trust content strategies i.e. specific customer testimonials sprinkled throughout
  • Local SEO pages to draw visitors from specific locales


Client Testimonial

Isaac Steiner


Rock Plumbing

Sean did an exceptional job building our website. From our initial consultation to the launch date, he was extremely detailed the whole way. I felt heard and understood as we worked together to tailor the website to our specific company needs. Sean is very knowledgable and highly skilled. We have been extremely happy with the final product! Thanks Sean!

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