Businesses rely on the right eyes to succeed. Holding a stare, stopping a scroll, getting a click, these things don’t come easy in the overly-saturated marketplace that is the internet.

Getting attention from the right eyes is hard, and having a piece of media fall flat and underperform is quite easy. 

To ensure your brand is getting noticed in ways that achieve those dreaded KPI’s, being calculated, organized and genuine is your friend. Having a solid, well-documented, and true-to-yourself brand gives you the ability to build genuine relationships with your audience that you can only get from being the realest you can be.

Here’s what it takes to build a brand that matters to you and to others.

Visual Guidelines

Make sure every piece of media is recognizable as YOUR brand. This can include your fonts, color palette, icons, motion graphics, variations to your logo and UI design to your landing pages.

The goal is to get every piece of media to resemble your brand. Build that foundation of slick motion graphics, icons and fonts and stick with it. After enough time, new and old visitors alike will recognize you in no time.

Appropriate Tone of Voice

Speak in a way that reflects the qualities and values of your brand and its audience. If your business is an organization, imagine the top voices there, and distill them down into one clear, concise voice.

If it’s you doing all the talking, be yourself and speak from your heart. You want to be as genuine as possible with your audience and to build that relationship on truth, rather than fluff and what you THINK they want to hear.

Passion for the Customer

If you aren’t already, get excited about the service you're providing and how it helps improve the lives of your audience. The public is quite good at spotting disingenuous, dry marketing, so show your true colors and don’t be ashamed about it.

Whether you’re a plumber or a door manufacturer, show the world you care! Passion is infectious and consumers are in desperate need of businesses ran by real people that truly care about them.

Authentic Drive

Consumers are increasingly sick of being scammed, ripped off and disregarded. Be true to your/your organization's values and take every chance you can to show your audience that you stand by your word, even when it would be advantageous to do otherwise.

Being authentic also prevents burnout in your marketing efforts, by not having to show up as someone you’re not. 


Establishing your brand on a foundation that truly resonates with your values will be the best investment you can make in your marketing efforts.

With a solid foundation that’s respected and acted upon, every channel, every piece of media and every campaign becomes a new, exciting opportunity to show your audience how much you care, and that sort of loyalty isn't something you can buy.