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Sean did an exceptional job building our website. From our initial consultation to the launch date, he was extremely detailed the whole way. I felt heard and understood as we worked together to tailor the website to our specific company needs. Sean is very knowledgable and highly skilled. We have been extremely happy with the final product! Thanks Sean!

Jerome Zenoby

Director of Creative


Sean provides a valuable sense for thinking through user experiences and is very deliberate with interface execution. His attention to details coupled with a collaborative personality, makes Sean enjoyable to work and partner with.

Matthew Calvin

UX Designer

Sean is a self-driven, highly adaptive designer. His drive to solve complex design problems adds a tremendous value to any design team. Working with Sean is an absolute pleasure.

Patient Beya

Founder and CEO


Sean began our relationship first by building a new website for us and then proceeded to totally revamp our entire brand. His versatile skillset has solved many problems and he is quick to come up with solutions. He is very good with communication and has made our business together smooth and enjoyable.

Tom Bellman

Director of UX

Fio Corporation

Sean was instrumental in helping our company develop a new look and feel for our corporate website. He worked with stakeholders to understand the business and designed a strong visual language that communicated our brand effectively. Sean’s web development work would be an asset to any business looking to strengthen its online presence.

Photo of me

I'm Sean, and Graham is my last name. 🤯

I'm a designer from Ohio, born in Ontario. I build beautiful, functional websites. I also do a bunch of other stuff.


Web Design + Development
Brand Identity
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Photo of me

I'm Sean, and Graham is my last name. 🤯

I'm a designer from Ohio, born in Ontario.
Here we build beautiful, functional websites, to grow your business and customer base.

We belong together.

Have a project in mind? Whether you're after a rebrand, beefing up your engagement or a custom website, we can help you with everything you need.

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