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Mobile App Prototyping

Personal Project

Categorize, organize and plan out your restaurant ventures and much more with this scheduling app. Using a prompt from designercize.com, I designed a detail view of a scheduling app marketed to what are called "foodies". A fun color scheme, user friendly components and food related context create a leisurely and bright user experience for those setting up lunch dates at their favorite restaurants.

  • FIgma
  • Design System
  • UX/UI

I executed this exercise in Figma to define the design system and aesthetic. I researched similar scheduling apps to get a sense of what stylistic choices and features are present with similar products. TimeBloc was a great example of useful features and a friendly design system, whos example I wanted to follow.


  • Figma
  • Adobe Illustrator


  • UX Research
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Key Features

  • Friendly aesthetic for the interface and design system
  • Product marketed to "foodies" and millennials using contextual event
  • Ability to categorize events by activity type
  • Calendar date selection tool
  • Start and end time selection tool
  • Map and location selection tool
  • List of contacts/people to invite to an event
  • Field to write down notes about an event


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